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Me and boys….honestly there isn’t a better picture to capture our true selves. 😂

Hi, I’m Heather!

My husband, two boys and I hail from Washington, though most of my life was spent in the sunny desert of Southern California. While I miss the busy cities and night life, I am enjoying the slower pace here!

With my newest baby came the need for a hot compress that effectively soothed my baby’s food sources… that’s right — my breasts! Nothing seemed to fit quite right, or stay warm an appropriate amount of time. So I came up with my own hot pack!

While I intended for this flaxseed pack to be a breastfeeding aid, it has morphed into a bit more! Because of the shape and flexibility of my design, this pack can be a relaxing treat for any aching muscle or joint. Knees, shoulders, elbows – you name it! I hope you find this product as useful as I have.